Sunday, August 16, 2015


My kiddos will both be in school from 7:32am -3:10pm. Excitement, panic and an overwhelming wow we made it to this next chapter…….(Yes all you moms with young kiddos your day will come)
 My days used to be spent playing all day….now we are off to School

 stress free workouts are in my future....
Both girls are in school M-F full time this can mean a lot of things, I will be able to shower without interruptions, come home after my runs and drink water before I have to quickly get onto the next thing the list goes on. As excited as I am I have never have this much time on my hand before. I have to admit as a stay at home mom, runner and a wife of a firefighter, I have a system that works and our battleship fires and runs smoothly most of the time occasionally we have some maintenance issues.  I have it down to a system; cutting and preparing food, getting up early to get runs in figuring out how to get in the second run, squeezing in core at swim practices and most important how to stay vertical until 8pm at night which then I literally fall into bed until 5am.

I am pumped for these new chapters but, have to admit I’m a little panicked.  I am not good at relaxing; I am always doing 2 things at once and thinking 2 steps ahead.  Now I am going to have TIME and I hope I like it. I will admit I have thought about getting a job from 10-2, I could still run and be home for my kiddos but, I am going to give this running 100% this year and it could not be a better year considering it is the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials and I’m going all in.

 My main focus will be on rest and recovery and can’t wait to see if it makes a difference in my running and how I feel.  I imagine I am going to feel like Sheera and like a fined tuned machine. I hope that’s true and if so watch out world this mama is going to fly; I am excited to find out.

I am not one to promote anything that I don't love and use, so here are some things that I have been testing recently and have grown fond of from my sponsors Adidas and Skratch Labs. 

If you don’t want to look like your smuggling raisins while running check out the Adidas sports bra. These are comfortable and makes you look perky, Bonus.
-Adidas supernova racer
-Adidas tech fit sports bra

I have grown really tired of smiley gels as they are hard to eat for me and seem to make me really thirsty. I have been using the Skratch Labs Fruit Drops which are chew-able and I have had luck with them before, during and post work out (no stomach issues). Orange is my favorite flavor.

With all my future time ahead I might blog more that once every 6 months.

Monday, March 23, 2015

trust and believe

         I finally got around to posting....
You can learn a lot from kids. 
I came in the door from my marathon with a house full of people, kids laughing and screaming and even a new little dog the neighbors got a couple days ago.  I was starving, tired and walked like I had a load in my pants, my legs were toast from yesterday's LA marathon. I just took a moment and smiled:) I am one hell of a lucky women! And to top it off I expressed how I was starving and my husband made me some mean fish tacos ready for me when I walked in the door, what a treat! I have a hard time wrapping my head around my life at times, I told my husband.... Yesterday I was on the streets of LA racing and I come home to all these awesome friends and kids running around in the sun all happy. Pure focus one day to awesome utter chaos the next!

My kids get pretty excited about Every holiday, once one is over they ask what one is next... That seems to dictate what the craft of the month will be, what they draw, write about and the games they play, and even the color of there food.  Today is st. Patricks day, most people are out getting rowdy and drinking, been there done that. now I can't even deal with a mild hangover while running this mother ship. I know lame but, it has a new meaning now. My kids wake up super pumped! Did the lepracun come? They search because,I started turning the toilet water green, putting a gold coin under there pillow, shamrocks on there pancakes and trashing and hanging underwear all over there room. Riley came home in a full sprint off the bus to see what the lepracun did. Reese was screaming from her bathroom the toilet was green. The excitement and what kids believe in is incredible!  To think a little man with pointy shoes and red beard and big black buckle came into our house and did this blows my mind! 
Kids TRUST and BELIEVE! These are 2 things that everyday I am trying to work on in my running.  

There are different chapters in life and different doors that open along the way and these I have realized is what makes your story and follows you... So thanks kiddos for teaching me to enjoy the moments and experiences both Good and bad, Believe and Trust even if it seems a little crazy.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Houston Half and Survival mom really…..

Again, I am no good at this writing thing and I get sweaty armpits when I am interviewed. I get more nervous for interviews than before the start of a race. Crazy probably but, it’s a weakness and like I tell my kids just keep trying and practicing and one day you will nail it! So when you here me say “omm” for the 100th time in a row during an interview, I am aware of it. J

                I had a breakthrough performance this last weekend in the Houston half marathon, I still feel like I am trying to digest it all. I have been waiting to knock a race out of the park. It happened I felt strong, confident, relaxed and prepared! Thanks Mr. Aish. I was able to PR by 2 minutes and some change, running a 1:10:16.

                I have been getting a lot of emails about how I am able to do this “Super MOM” thing and get it all in. Well, first off I don’t think I am a “Super mom”. I am “Survival MOM” I might look like I have my shit together but, I am in a tornado from 5:30am to 8pm.  The honest truth is I do what I need to do to get through the day and my goal is that everyone has a smile and gets a couple good laughs in…. who needs clean floors! An older friend told me once you don’t die with your clean floors just your memories.  Good Advice!

My main goals of the day are getting them a healthy breakfast, a packed lunch and a good dinner! Getting them to their activities and making sure to get my share of hugs and kisses and time with them. I don’t worry much about the other stuff that is all stuff that will eventually get done J if you could see the mountain of clothing that’s stacked in the guest room right now. I don’t even put clothing in drawers most of the times you find your clean goods in a basket that has all your laundry in it, the red ring around the toilet, the grass and dirt that all the kiddos and dog have brought in, enough dust on the shelf to cause someone to have an asthma attack.  I have always allowed my kids to pretty much make decisions and choices which means that they regularly wear P.Js (I can’t blame them). They don’t like to brush their hair, I have the kid with dreads and a birds nest in her hair, not the cute braids and matching coordinated clothing. I do make them bush their teeth! Which is no easy task every night.
 I guess what I am trying to say is do what you LOVE and feel is important and don’t sweat the small stuff! Yeah I try to keep up with it but, what important to me is my Family, Friends and Running.  If I get to spend time with them and run everyday life can’t get much better. So to all you moms out there who have sent me emails just RELAX and don’t worry about the small stuff! Floor, toilets, laundry overrated! Make time for the things you love and the rest of it will eventually get done.
My Husband is a firefighter so he is gone random hours. The real push is the evenings, sometimes I feel truly overwhelmed! Getting Riley's math and reading homework done, cooking dinner the evening grind and having a 4 year old who loves, let's just say, to be very helpful can really be a challenge, I often find myself taking deep breaths in the pantry, I will admit I have even dropped some tears and questions if it's work it? My answer is always YES! What i am trying to say is I know its not easy but keep at it! I would say I feel overwhelmed often, but in the end I have no regrets. Wife, MOM, Running....I want it all! Handworkconsistency and determination works at home and on the roads! I promise I struggle but that's what makes us who we are we have the warrior gene:)
A year ago I stopped looking and what others had and started to look at what I have (more than I could ever imagine) and the things I can control land how to make my dreams happen. My situation is not always ideal but, my heart is in it and I focus on what I can do and control and have really enjoyed the challenges and journey so far.....
Thanks to everybody who supports me....My husband, Adidas BRC, ElliptiGO , Aish Interaction Coaching



Saturday, November 29, 2014

Change ahead

I have decided that it was time for a change.  I am excited on this new chapter of my running. I will no longer be with Scott Simmons and the American Distance Project anymore. I had a great time with Scott and the ADP, but I am changing gears and I will now be working with Mike Aish and I am super excited to see where he can take me! I am in the process of figuring out my goals and races for 2015 so stay tuned!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How I trained for my 26.2 Grandma’s Marathon.

I have not started a blog ever because I thought why, I don't have anything interesting to say or I'm not really funny.... But, the other day someone said to me “your one determined mom”, how do you stay so fit with 2 kids, I don't have the time. I thought in my head, yeah I have some big goals, and I don't have a ton of time but, I do get it in!

So for all you busy moms out there let me give you my best running mom tips.  I hope they help!

  1. Get out the door/treadmill before everyone is up and moving! Because, when mom is up everyone needs you and the feeding frenzy begins. I want milk, I want cereal, and can I have a strawberry.....which leads to a Mount Everest pile of dishes. Then you have to perfect the perfect pony, can't find my shoes, I did not wash the favorite outfit.... Love them but, mornings can be rough at times and when my run is done I am ready and on point!

     2. Prepare as much as possible! I chop everything up and put into containers for the week. Wash strawberries and cut them up, make 2 dozen pancakes one day and reheat. Sweet potatoes in the Crockpot wrapped in foil so they r ready to go. Whole chickens that I can use for sandwich meat for the next couple of days, hard boil eggs. Big dishes and quiches.  To eat healthy use your precious time, prepare as much as you can and become a planner, There is no other way.
    3. This summer kids have swimming and I use that hour to do core work and hip strengthening exercises, along with some yoga and stretching. Yes, I did look a little silly and got the, “what a great idea, you should lead us all in your routine”. Use every min for all the small stuff! They add up!
     4. Don't think you have to get massages and take naps to succeed. I think they help a ton if you can find time and afford them but, I have never received them in my trainings and have tallied maybe 6 naps in my running career.  Do it if you have the time but, don't dwell on it! If you’re at home like me you never sit so you are constantly flushing the legs! By walking around :) that is what I tell myself.

5. Sometimes I run laps around the cul de sac, push kids to park and run around the park in circles. Boring yes! A couple weeks ago a group of moms were at a table drinking wine and watching there kids play, they said great idea but, obviously not that great of an idea they kept drinking wine :), that is a good idea! Goals and sacrifices. Getting in my second runs mandatory!

6. Be ready in workout clothing at all times and seize it when it happens! Yes people think I am dresses up when I wear a nice shirt and jeans. I get in push ups and lunges and any of the little things while the kids are riding bikes, drawing with chalk. Or I play red light green light, Mr. Fox and I do lunges to them:) athletic wear is the new style really!


I wrote this on my spin bike at 5 am so don't judge my writing or grammar! A happy mom means good things. Get crafty! Take the tips or don’t! Just an insight into my routine.